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Do you like what you see? Is your minor hockey association, school, hospital, or organization looking to start fundraising today? Are you interested in signing up for a Hockey Helps initiative? You can contact one of our provincial ambassadors below via telephone or email to start the conversation. Our ambassadors are eager to assist you with any questions you have and will work with you from the beginning to the end of the process to ensure that your initiative is a success!

If your province is not represented on the list, you can contact our President and he will work with you directly or refer you to the closest provincial ambassador.

Hockey Helps assists as many organizations as possible to reach their fundraising goals. If you want a dynamic, energetic, and exciting program to raise money, Hockey Helps is your ideal partner!


Name: Wessley G. Perisa
E-Mail: perisa@hockeyhelps.com
Phone Number: (289)923-7882


Name: Shawn Johanson
E-Mail: johanson@hockeyhelps.com
Phone Number:  (780)231-2728

British Columbia Ambassador

Name: Richard McAdam
E-Mail: mcadam@hockeyhelps.com
Phone Number: (778)215-4227

Newfoundland & Labrador Ambassador

Name: Troy McLean
E-Mail: mclean@hockeyhelps.com
Phone Number: (709)280-0000

Southern Quebec Ambassador

Name: Jeff Isaacson
E-Mail: isaacson@hockeyhelps.com
Phone Number: (514)425-1607

Northern Quebec Ambassador

Name: Serge Van Doorn
E-Mail: vandoorn@hockeyhelps.com
Phone Number: (819)230-3433

Martime Ambassador

Name: Beth Pye
E-Mail: pye@hockeyhelps.com
Phone Number: (902)476-0244

Ontario Ambassador

Name: Jeff Poapst
E-Mail: poapst@hockeyhelps.com
Phone Number: (613)859-6514

Do you have a general question about Hockey Helps and how our fundraising initiatives work? If so, please check the FAQ to see if your question has already been answered. If it does not appear on that page, or if you want further clarification, please contact our general information address.

If you see a technical or other error on the Hockey Helps website, please contact our webmaster with your question or concern, and he will address it with you as soon as possible.

General Inquiry

Something on your mind? Give us a shout!
E-Mail: info@hockeyhelps.com

Questions or Comments

Got questions? We got answers!
E-Mail: comments@hockeyhelps.com


Found a bug? Let us know!
E-Mail: webmaster@hockeyhelps.com

If you represent a press or media outlet, and have questions for Hockey Helps, or you would like to contact Hockey Helps about our initiatives for a story, we look forward to hearing from you and answering your inquiries.

Press & Media

Name: Richard McAdam
E-Mail: mcadam@hockeyhelps.com
Phone Number: (778) 215-4227

Hockey Helps takes great pride in its communications with interested parties. All inquiries, questions, and comments are read. We strive to respond to all emails and phone calls within 48 hours.

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