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Is your school looking for a new and exciting way to conduct a successful fundraising initiative? Are the chocolate bar sales just lacking that wow factor? If you want to reach a larger audience and attract stronger interest with your efforts, Hockey Helps is the way forward for you! Our gift certificate packages are the ideal way to attract interest and reach your goals – with our exclusive autographed collectibles and a $20 gift certificate to the Hockey Helps online store, your initiative will engage people and encourage them to tell their friends to support your cause!

Does your minor hockey association or team need to fundraise for participation in tournaments, to rent ice time, to get newer equipment, and lower registration costs? Hockey Helps is here to help you! We know that you already love hockey, and more importantly, so do your children. A Hockey Helps initiative is developed for your needs by people that love hockey and want your association or team to be successful. The kids will love their new autographed collectibles from their favourite NHL stars, and your supporters will get instant value from their gift certificates. Plus, if you reach a certain fundraising goal, Hockey Helps will arrange for an NHL star to come and meet your team!

Is your charitable organization raising funds for the cause, and wanting to partner with a credible organization that will give you the support and the platform you deserve? Hockey Helps will help you achieve your goals! We support our partners through our website and social media outlets, promoting your initiative to our supporters and helping you to develop email blasts and other communications to yours. If you have an item (i.e. a team-signed jersey) that you want to auction off to raise funds and get maximum exposure, Hockey Helps is your ideal partner.

If you would like to get more information about a Hockey Helps initiative, please fill out the registration form below. The information will be sent to one of our Ambassadors and they will contact you within 48 hours. You can also contact a member of the Hockey Helps team through the Contact Us page.

Please Note : Any information provided in the registration form will NEVER be shared with any third-party organizations as we take your privacy very seriously!

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