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What is Hockey Helps?

Hockey Helps is an organization developed to help others reach their fundraising objectives. With the support and endorsement of NHL superstars, past and present, Hockey Helps aims to be the ideal platform for organizations across Canada to meet and exceed their goals. Through our initiatives, we provide the materials and the support to ensure that organizations and supporters have successful and rewarding campaigns to raise funds for their worthy causes.

Who Does Hockey Helps Support?

Hockey Helps supports a multitude of organizations that rely on fundraising initiatives to meet their objectives. Hockey Helps initiatives provide valuable assistance to allow many different organizations to meet financial objectives that allow them to lower costs and enhance their capabilities to provide high quality programs and benefits, including;

Minor Hockey Associations and Clubs

  • Equipment Purchases
  • Ice Rentals
  • Registration
  • Tournaments
  • Social Functions
  • Workshops
  • Training Sessions For Coaches and Officials


  • Class Field Trips
  • New Computers
  • New Gymnasium Equipment
  • Textbooks
  • Improvements To Existing Extracurricular Programs and Funding for New Programs


  • New Equipment
  • Support for Foundations
  • Upgrades in Services

Community Groups and Charitable Organizations

  • Fundraising Campaigns
  • Fundraising Events
  • Fundraising Banquets

How Does a Hockey Helps Campaign Work?

Hockey Helps provides packages for fundraising initiatives conducted by organizations to sell to their supporters. Hockey Helps provides all of the materials needed for a successful initiative, and we promote the initiative on our website and social media platforms. The packages are designed to give supporters value and substance to go along with their goodwill for their participation in supporting your organization by giving them the following three key benefits:

  1. A $20 gift certificate redeemable at the Hockey Helps Online Store – with over 5000 signed items available supporters can buy authentic player memorabilia, photo frames, and Hockey Helps gear to show their support!
  2. An exclusive autographed collectible from an NHL star! Supporters could instantly receive an autograph of Carey Price, Cody Hodgson, James van Riemsdyk, Pekka Rinne, Kyle Turris, or one of dozens of other participating NHL stars!
  3. A second $20 gift certificate redeemable at the Hockey Helps Online Store! With many autographed items for sale under $100, you can get a discount of up to 40% on your order!*

* One gift certificate code per order.

Who Supports Hockey Helps?

The list of NHL players that support Hockey Helps is constantly growing! We are very grateful and proud to have the endorsement of the following superstars: Carey Price (Goalie, Montreal Canadiens), James van Riemsdyk (Forward, Toronto Maple Leafs), Cody Hodgson (Forward, Buffalo Sabres), Pekka Rinne (Goalie, Nashville Predators), Matt Frattin (Forward, Toronto Maple Leafs), Jonas Hiller (Goalie, Anaheim Ducks), Josh Gorges (Defence, Montreal Canadiens), Ben Bishop (Goalie, Ottawa Senators), Kyle Turris (Forward, Ottawa Senators), Max Pacioretty (Forward, Montreal Canadiens), and many more.

For the full list of players supporting Hockey Helps, click here to find information about the players and their reason for supporting Hockey Helps! (Coming Soon)